Corporate Social Responsability

Corporate social responsibility can be defined as a business’s active and voluntary contribution to social, economic and environmental improvement.

Following this line of action, Mixta Africa strives to become a socially and environmentally responsible business through the application of internal regulations of the group that guarantee a responsible attitude towards the protection of the environment in its construction activity.

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Social Commitment

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The business’s social and environmental responsibility aims to achieve excellence in the company, paying special attention to people and their working conditions, as well as the quality of their production processes. It is the combination of actions taken into consideration by the businesses that ensures their activities have positive repercussions both in society and the environment and that also affirms the ruling principles and values, both in their own method and internal processes and in relation to other actors. Therefore, Mixta Africa incorporates the ESAP (Environmental and Social Action Plan) model in its internal procedures with the following lines of action regarding the protection of the environment:

        Application and awareness of existing policies in developed countries.

        The promotion of continued improvement or the adoption of means that help minimise the negative impact on the environment.

        Monitoring, control, analysis and oversight of the improvements and of the current regulations on this matter, with the goal of analysing their application within Mixta Africa, other than anything that could be legally binding.

        The application of specific laws in all subsidiaries of Mixta Africa relating to the operation, compliance and the periodic revision of specific actions.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Mixta Africa is committed to guaranteeing regulatory compliance of the security and health of its employees, as well as the personnel of subcontracted companies, in all the countries in which is present. It is considered an essential requirement to work in safe conditions and good health.

The company constantly adapts its occupational hazard prevention systems not only to meet the national and European legal requirements, but also to contribute actively to the constant improvement of the safety levels.
Implementing and consolidating work conditions in the offices and in the real-estate developments requires special dedication.
For that purpose, Mixta Africa adjusts its actions to the following safety and health principles at work in all its activities (Occupational Hazard Prevention Policy of the Group):

        Application and awareness of the existing policies on this matter in developed countries.

        National and international regulatory compliance in effect.

        Training of workers on occupational hazard prevention, as well as the use of systems and instruments that assist towards improved occupational hazard prevention.

        Promotion of all the measures that contribute to the reduction of the accidents at work (periodic revisions, improvements, definition of procedures in accident cases, verifications…).