Mixta Africa Real Estate Mission


Creating value for our clients by delivering innovative solutions

Mixta Africa Real Estate Vision


Our vision is to be the foremost African real estate developer


Mixta Africa Real Estate Delivery

Excellence in product delivery

Mixta Africa provides optimum value to its clients by delivering high-quality products to all segments of the real estate market at the lowest prices attainable.

Mixta Africa Real Estate Delivery Handshake

Strong relationships

Mixta Africa strives to develop and strengthen relationships with reputable and expert firms to meet its client’s diverse needs for real estate products.

Mixta Africa Real Estate Relations

Continuous learning

Mixta Africa continually develops and harnesses knowledge of the African market and the needs and preferences of buyers in order to compete more effectively in the market.

Mixta Africa Real Estate Technology

Innovative solutions

Mixta Africa continuously innovates to improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of its products and service delivery to best serve its clients’ needs.